Multimedia laboratories

Laboratory of animation and computer games – Room 207

In this laboratory, students learn the techniques and process of creating computer games. The studio is equipped with super computers with appropriate graphics, which are used during the production of the game to render 3D objects. In addition, the laboratory has equipment that allows you to create games that support all kinds of controllers such as: HTC Vive, Microsoft Holo Lens, Microsoft Kinect Xbox One, Oculus DK2 and others. Students working in teams share their work when creating games, and so some people are responsible for graphics, some for programming, and others for the plot of the game. In this way, they will learn about all kinds of software that improves group work (Trello, Fabricator and others) as well as tools for joint code storage along with the history of changes made by each of the team members. In addition to the equipment in this laboratory, there is also software that helps in creating three-dimensional graphics, in the process of programming or composing textures and the graphic interface itself.

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