Laboratory industrial networks and integrated control – Room 304

Posts equipped with DCS systems and controllers (PAC 10 positions for 20 students), together with the objects of control:

  • Modbus RTU
  • DeviceNet
  • Ethernet Global Data EGD
  • Modbus TCP
  • Profibus DP
  • CAN (CANopen)
  • Profinet
  • Ethernet Ring
  • HART
  • Serial IO
  • Licensed software Proficy Machine Edition and Proficy Workflow
  • Additional equipment and laboratory measurement (meters, oscilloscopes, generators, power supplies

The general assumption – use

  • System DCS (DCS called. Distributed Control System)
  • PAC system (PAC called. Programmable Automation Controller).

Modern enterprise management and industrial processes require far-reaching integration of the entire plant and system. This integration is a determinant of talking about the degree of automation and standardization of process control industry. Achieving this goal is possible through the introduction of computerization of industrial processes while connecting individual posts using specialized industrial networks. It is also important the use of software to efficiently manage a large number of nodes in an accessible and transparent, and comply with the requirements of modern surveillance (including standards ISO9000) – including through the use of archiving data and advanced quality testing procedures throughout the course of the industrial process.

Laboratory of industrial networks and integrated control (so far classes in the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science) is assumed to familiarize students with this kind of modern systems. The first element of the curriculum is to build, use and programming of industrial networks, network intelligent building network of automotive and wireless industries. It is assumed attachment attention to industrial networks and industrial real-time network operating systems. The second element of teaching is the construction, use and programming packages supporting visualization and overriding control (SCADA), security issues and control subjects administration and network systems in industrial environments. An additional element is to acquaint students with the software and supporting systems management company, workflow (Workflow), production management, analysis of the quality of work – which is done by special software packages BPM, MES, ERP, etc.

Employees of the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science for many years, conduct classes in the stated range. Classes in a SCADA software was introduced as a subject taught as one of the first in the country. CTI project enables significant expansion of their current base teaching purchase modern computers and industrial controllers and proper – a very expensive software. The subject matter requires the use of expensive industrial networks spanning multiple workstations, which conducted a simulation of various industrial processes.

Students of second and third degree will be able to conduct research on the theme:

  • programming visualization systems and master control SCADA
  • ERP business management systems, business process management BPM and MES manufacturing execution:
    – Management of the company,

– production management,

– Analysis of the quality of work,

  • network programming industry,
  • network programming intelligent building,
  • network programming vehicles (different classes: diagnostic, control, multimedia, security systems and automotive real-time)
  • wireless industrial
  • distributed real-time systems (at the level of the industrial process)
  • administration and network systems in industrial environments.